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QunStudio  Summer  Art Camp                                    Art

  Art camp will held in June18, 2013, total 6 sessions 18 days during the

summer time. Class will focus on one media in fine art and project change

every session. Half day&All day program and drop in class available.


QunStudio art class priority is to nurture, develop & enhance students'

greatest knowledge, fine arts and creativity.  Programs are tailored

to the ability, interest and needs of students, developing the foundation

of Cut-out /Rock painting/ Pastel/Sketch/ Watercolor/ Oil/ and more

to improve on drawing techniques and build confidence in their

artistic expression. Each session includes Lecture, Demonstration,

Critique and Student practice.



Session 1: 18-20-21            

Session 2: 25-27-28                                         



Session 3: 9-11-12           

Session 4: 16-18-19          

Session 5: 23-25-26 



Session 6: 7/30-1-2


Three days per session




Date: Tuesday / Thursday / Friday

*Class A for age: 5-10           *Class B for age:10-15        Adult welcome                



 Please Register Before The Class Session Begin    



QUN STUDIO SUMMER 2013 ART CAMP QUN STUDIO SUMMER 2013 ARTCAMP                                                                                        



Session Description:


Session1 6/18-20-21

Animation  cartoonˇ¦s , animal drawing, still life, and portrait using pastel, pencil, mark, color

pencil, and charcoal.

Multicultural Art

Session2 6/25-27-28

Base on Asia cultures and Chinese brush to creative multiple modem-art,  project will be taught

using various media. Like rice paper, ink, etc.


Session3 7/9-11-12

Different techniques and styles in painting, using acrylic, watercolor, Chinese painting, etc.


Session4 7/16-18-19

Various Style of mixed media projects. Paper-cut, photography, stamps, patterns block, collage as

well, to create a richly textured imagery.

Architectural Sculpture

Session5 7/23-25-26

Build3-d structures and settings using foam-core, wire, wood, paper, and recycled

materials to creating figurative and make abstract art.

Advanced Level

Session6 7/30-8/1-8/2

Special for advance level students with prior experience in art. Session will focus on

the concepts and techniques of oil and acrylic painting. Portrait, outdoor landscape

and self-creative form art in canvas                                                                   




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