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Artist Biography

Qun Zhou has been drawing and painting since she was a child. she was graduated from Fine Arts Institute of Shanghai University specializing in oil painting in 1994. Aiming to obtain more inspiration and creativity from real life, she moved to Beijing to work as a fashion designer and marketer until 1998, when she came to America to pursue her Master degree.

California sunshine and San Francisco atmosphere gradually brought her back to art. She draws what she sees, what she feels, and what she thinks. She paints to create beauty, and to remember it.

In 2003, she got Master degree, also has her own exhibition in Northwestern Polytechnic University, Silicon Valley Central, and the "Four Season" painting series which she display in Triton Museum in Santa Clara earned her a best art award.

Qun Zhou has been invited to exhibit her work at the Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea of Florence 2005, Italy. And her artworks also have been selected for the book IMAGEMAKERS - CUTTING EDGE FASHION ILLUSTRATION (Mitchell Beazley Publishing). It published in September 2004 with international distribution.

We find that Qun Zhou's work shows an interesting range in quality and vision, Certain paintings are remarkably strong and inventive, speically impressed with the quality of the "Fashion" period. These works show a fascinating narrative ability and extremely adept at conveying persona and situation using body gesture and telling details.

Also her art Combines modern and classic art styeles, Including the influences Eastern and Western Art.

This is Qun Zhou's personal style.

Artist Statement

Qun Zhou has the perceptive ability to see both with her eyes and with her understanding of personality and the technical skill to record that understanding on canvas.

She showing the way people express themselves and relate to others through their gestures and through the objects with which they surround themselves.

The artist is concentrate on accomplishing this using her sophisticated sense of subtle color and to keep her bold graphic sense in check-using it only when punctuation is required. The cross-currents of Asian and Western art are evident in Qun Zhou's painting.

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