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Art Classes

Class Description:
Programs are tailored to the ability, interest & needs of students. Each student will be designed with a personalized curriculum which include:

► Developing all aspects on the skills of fine art in drawing, design, painting, sketching and add on with creativity and knowledge subjects.
► Developing the foundation of water color, oil painting, color pencils, basic colors mixing and more to improve on drawing techniques and build confidence in their artistic expression.
► Developing the foundation of drawing and coloring skills. Learn how to draw realistically, three-dimensional drawing.
► Learning the correct techniques to drawing shapes, figures, objects and how to express their imagination and feelings with various materials.

Class Schedule:

Thursday  3:15PM - 8:00PM
Friday 3:15PM - 8:00PM
Saturday  9:30AM - 12:30PM

Qun Art Studio curriculum has been carefully designed to cover all aspects of learning in art, creativity and knowledge. Our greatest priority is to nurture, develop & enhance students' greatest knowledge, fine arts and creativity through fun, interactive and comprehensive curriculum.

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